Jagapathibabu congratulates Charitha's family on organ donation

Jagapathibabu congratulates Charitha's family on organ donation

8th July 2022, Kurnool: The couple is married for 7 years, but didn't have any children. At last, they had a male child. But, the mother had some serious health issues and was declared brain dead. Though the mother is dead, she is alive in another three people. The bereaved family took a daring decision. Charitha, aged 30 was declared brain dead on 2nd July. She belongs to the Gadwal area. Her family members came forward for organ donation and saved three other lives. Versatile actor Jagapathibabu came to know about this and went to Gadwal to congratulate the family members on the decision.

He spoke in a programme, arranged in Ganjipet of Gadwal. Gadwal MLA Krishna Mohan Reddy, district collector Harsha, SP Ranjan Ratan Kumar, ZP Chairperson Saritha, Municipal chairman Keshav, DMHO and Corporator, the team of doctors from KIMS Kurnool Dr Govardhan Reddy, Dr Anantharao, and Dr Manoj Kumar also participated in the programme.

Actor Jagapathi Babu said, "No one can fulfil mother's love. It is an indelible truth. A mother always thinks for the bright future of her children, even while struggling for her own life.  Here, 30-year-old Charitha had a child after seven years of her marriage. But she did not enjoy her motherhood. She left the family with grief and passed away. But she gave a new lease of life to three others. This is called mother's love. We cannot repay the debt to that mother at any cost. I sincerely request everyone not to let the organs burn into ashes. Awareness of organ donation should be developed and organs should be donated. Organ donation pledge inspires many people.  Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, eyes, skin, hands, and so many organs can be donated after death. The people who get the organs can have a new lease of life. All of my fans should come forward for organ donation. They can become martyrs even after death", said Jagapathibabu.

"It is a very courageous decision to digest the fact that their near one is no more, and at the same time coming forward to save the lives of others," said Krishna Mohan Reddy, MLA of Gadwal constituency.

District Collector Harsha said that instead of burning or burying the body as usual after death, organs can be donated. In such cases, they can see them in the organ recipients.

District Superintendent of Police Ranjan Ratan Kumar said that the decision to donate organs is very courageous and more people should come forward with this inspiration. He urged them to come forward for organ donation, as more people die in road accidents and most of them are brain dead.

"A month after the delivery, she developed a problem of peripartum and was immediately taken to KIMS Hospital, Kurnool. The doctors have tried a lot to save the mother. But despite their trials, unfortunately, she was brain dead. We were able to save the lives of three people with the harvested kidneys and liver. We have sent the liver to NRI Hospital, and one kidney to the Apollo hospital Nellore through the green channel. Another kidney was transplanted into a person at KIMS Hospital Kurnool", said Dr Govardhan Reddy from KIMS Hospitals, Kurnool.