NutriParadise Successfully Serves More Than 1.5 lakh Patients

NutriParadise Successfully Serves More Than 1.5 lakh Patients

NutriParadise Foods, a prominent B2B company in the food and health sector founded by Vijaysurya in 2013, is going to develop and supply convenient therapeutic food products for hospitalized people. They have achieved the milestone of serving more than 1.5 lakh people since its inception. This Bengaluru-headquartered startup has been incubated by CFTRI is unique from various perspectives. It is the first-of-its-kind company that categorically manufactures specialized, ready-to-eat food products made of only natural ingredients, designed specifically for various medical conditions.



NutriParadise believes in the concept of 'food pairing for health and taste'. In the last 4 years, the company has focused on R&D and in this regard they have been mentored by scientists at CFTRI. The focus has always been to find an alternative to the en masse foods served at hospitals which can provide nutrition for patients suffering from diseases like diabetes, renal failure and other serious ailments.



NutriParadise came up with its first product GI-55, a special kichdi for diabetes patients. The product is specifically designed to help persons suffering from diabetes to reduce their insulin dosage and control their blood glucose level naturally through food without any side effect. It is formulated by pairing the ingredients to prevent secondary complications of diabetes.



Mr.Vijaysurya, Founder, NutriParadise remarked, "Food served at most Indian hospitals aim to just feed the body, while the nutrition and nourishment are given via supplements. Research has established the importance of food in quick recovery. Hence, NutriParadise was born. We're taking the wealth of information available on what's good for various conditions, engaging in extensive research on what other foods it could be paired with to ensure maximum efficacy for each patient's nutritional requirement. The phenomenal response for our product, GI-55, from patients and hospitals, makes us delve further into research because there is a requirement for such nutraceutical foods."



At present, the company is has tie ups with hospitals. These hospitals provide NutriParadise foods as a part of the patient meal. Side by side, patients can also buy the products directly through the hospital.



Nutriparadise's packaged foods have helped hospitals reduce their retail food service bills by nearly 80%. Overall, NutriParadise has launched three products namely - Kichdi for diabetic patients, ProPotion (Health drink) for general patients and an Omega 3 chutney powder for pregnant women as well as normal patients. They are looking to come up with products for patients suffering from ailments relating to Gastro-intestine, CKD, Cancer, Cardiac, Neurology, Fatty Liver, etc.