Health benefits of Haleem

Health benefits of Haleem

Everybody loves haleem – those who fast and those who don’t.


But what is that makes this scrumptious dish so desirable during the holy month of Ramzan?


Fasting and feasting have become synonymous with Ramzan. With all its different delicacies around, the one item which is relished all over the globe is the lip-smacking haleem from Hyderabad.  


Why haleem during Ramzan?


Haleem, which has its origin from the word meaning humble and modest, is a celebrated food in Hyderabad. Come Ramadan and you hear the town talking about the delectable haleem. So what makes haleem popular during Ramzan. 


Haleem is a concoction of healthy ingredients including pounded wheat, pure ghee, meat and several spices such as cardamom, cumin, cashew, pistachio, etc. During Ramzan, Muslims fast for all day and breaking the fast with haleem gives them instant energy. It fills them up with nutrition that the body is devoid of for long hours of fast,” explained Mohammed Abdul Majeed, chief executive officer of Pista House the most famous haleem makers in Hyderabad.


Pista House Haleem is now being showcased in the Thailand Food Exhibition of 2017 making Hyderabadi’s proud that the haleem has now got global recognition. 


 “Along with being healthy, haleem also tastes delicious,” explained Majeed. High energy is, of course, what every Muslim who keeps roza needs. “Haleem includes essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins along with other healthy elements. This composition makes it a healthy food. To make it healthier, a smart chef may slightly vary the proportion of the ingredients to make the already healthy haleem healthier,” explained nutritionist Ali Mohammad.


Besides being rich in energy, haleem is also heavy on anti-oxidant ingredients like dry fruits. The anti-oxidants work as anti-ageing agents making one look young and energetic. The meat present in haleem makes it high on protein thereby adding the sumptuous dish’s health benefits. Nutritionists and dieticians also recommend haleem as a healthy food.


Variants of haleem


Like everything else, mouth-watering haleem also comes in varieties. There is lamb haleem, fish haleem, mutton haleem, then there is a chicken variant of this dish. Meethi (sweet) and khaari (salty) haleem are amongst the new entrants.


Meethi haleem includes honey for those with a sweet tooth.


A few types of haleem that are every fitness freaks dream:


Diet haleem: This one is for the calorie conscious brigade. It’s high on taste and energy but low in calories, making sure that the fitness freaks remain in the best of their shape. Along with several other interesting variants of haleem, diet haleem is available at Pista House.


Organic haleem: Yet another variety, organic haleem is prepared with ingredients such as organic vegetables, dry fruits, organic meat, onions and spices. Organic haleem is absolutely free from any type of chemicals.


Vegetarian haleem: Packed with almonds, cashew nuts, soya nuggets, green chilies, curd, milk, coriander, garlic paste and other vegetarian ingredients, this form of haleem is a vegetarian’s delight. Mainly consisting of dry fruits and Indian spices, vegetarian haleem is also low on calories.