Research In Osmania Medical College May Soon Be A Reality

Research In Osmania Medical College May Soon Be A Reality

The Telangana state government is planning to set up a Medical Research Lab at a cost of Rs.12 crore in the premises of Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad.


The Osmania Medical College and Hospital is one of the oldest medical colleges and hospitals in Telangana constructed way back in 1919 during the time of  the Nizam. However, successive governments have not taken any steps to promote research in medical sciences and this hospital today doesn’t have a special wing for medical research either in the college or in the hospital.


In view of this, the department of medical health and family welfare is planning to construct a medical research building with an aim to promote research in the area of medical sciences. 


“We are planning to spend Rs.12 crore for constructing a new medical research building in the medical college. By this, we can help young doctors to undertake their research in discovering innovative medical treatment procedures. Even patients suffering from different kinds of unknown disease can get better treatment facilities,” said Dr C Laxma Reddy, Telangana Health Minister.


Speaking at an Alumni Association meet of Osmania Medical College, the Health Minister advised the young practicing doctors not to recommend too many unnecessary medical tests and surgeries to patients. He instead asked them to adopt preventive and minimally invasive medical procedures that would cost the patients much less in their treatment.


The Minister observed that there was a general impression that hospitals were victimizing people by recommending too many tests and were performing surgeries that were sometimes resulting in fatalities.


For providing specialist treatment for liver and kidney patients, the state government is also planning to construct two new medical towers, namely Kidney and Liver Towers in the Osmania Medical College premises. Similarly, a Limb Change Center is also expected to be set up in the college.


Apart from these developments, the Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare is also planning to expand its Dialysis and Trauma Care Centers and also create facilities for kidney, liver and pancreatic tests at all the district hospitals.