A HiRes ultra cochlear implant for clear hearing

A HiRes ultra cochlear implant for clear hearing

Advanced Bionics, a global leader in Cochlear Implant Innovation introduced HiRes Ultra Cochlear Implant in India. The first successful HiRes Ultra implant in the country was performed at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad on a 6-year-old boy named N Yeshwanth. The device was successfully switched on by the doctors at Apollo Hospitals, giving Yeshwanth a whole new sensory experience, one which he was deprived of, since birth.


N Yeshwanth, born to Narisingrao, a BPO employee and Nithya, a housewife, was diagnosed to be profoundly deaf at birth. Yeshwanth’s parents noticed that their child had hearing problems when he was around 6-month-old as he didn’t respond to the sound of their voice or react to audio stimulus. They then spent almost five years consulting various doctors and hospitals but to no avail. They were finally referred to Dr. Ram Babu, ENT Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals,and after initial diagnosis he recommended Advanced Bionics’ HiRes Ultra Cochlear implant. The surgery was then performed by Dr. E C Vinaya Kumar.


Dr. E C Vinaya Kumar, Senior ENT Surgeon & Head Cochlear Implant Clinic, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad Said, “HiRes Ultra implant from Advanced Bionics is designed to make surgery simpler and safer. The implant is one of the thinnest devices in the market, making it ideally suited for children. Cochlear implants are placed between the bone and the skin and to accommodate the device it is necessary to drill and remove a part of the bone, however with HiRes Ultra this is not necessary due to its extremely thin profile”.


Designed for people who receive little or no benefit from hearing aids, the HiRes Ultra cochlear implant, delivers proven benefits of a broader range of sound for better hearing. This thin MRI compatible package utilizes forward thinking-technologies designed to accommodate signal processing improvements for decades to come and is suitable for adults and children. The HiRes Ultra cochlear implant protects the delicate cochlear structures and provides complete coverage of the cochlea for full-spectrum sound.


“In India around 4 out of every 1000 children are born with congenital hearing loss. Many of these children if not treated early grow up to be deaf and fail to develop critical speech, language and communication skills because of their hearing impairment. HiRes Ultra cochlear implants not only restores hearing by transmitting sound to the functioning inner ear, but it also helps improve their speech understanding, making it easier for them to engage with their schoolwork, socialize and communicate better. Children as young as 1 year can be receive HiRes Ultra cochlear implants, which is crucial as language development generally takes place between 1-3 years of age” Dr. Vinaya Kumar added.



Dr. G Srinivas, Chief Audiologist, Cochlear Implant Clinic, Apollo Hospitals said “unlike hearing aids, which make sounds louder, cochlear implants bypass the damaged hair cells of the inner ear to provide sound signals to the brain and are beneficial to people who have moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears. The cochlear implant transmits sound to the hearing nerve which enables one to hear. HiRes Ultra is a state-of-the-art electronic device that delivers sound to the brain at the right impetus, frequency and timing.It offers great clarity of sound making it ideal for children below 3 years to develop verbal skills and good speech”.



HiRes Ultra cochlear implant is composed of materials that have been thoroughly tested for biocompatibility. The implant includes magnet and electronics within a hermetically sealed titanium case with a removable magnet and telemetry coil attached and encased in silicone. The overall dimensions are 25 mm wide at the case, 28.5 mm wide at the antenna by 56.2 mm in length.



The HiRes Ultra cochlear implant automatically encodes an incredibly wide range of intensities (up to 80 decibels). It can deliver frequency information to 135 cochlear places using a patented delivery method. It also provides up to 83,000 updates per second.