It’s a fact. Hot weather can seriously affect your health – physically and psychologically as well.That’s why, as the mercury rises, it is important that you do everything within your power to keep your cool, even through the most trying circumstances, as you don’t want your blood pressure going through the roof along with the summer temperatures.



People at risk:

•          Older people

•          Young children

•          Those with chronic health conditions, especially cardiovascular disease

•          Pregnant women

•          People taking certain medications such a blood pressure lowering medications, antidepressants and allergy treatments.



It is possible that someone with an undiagnosed and untreated Cardiovascular problem can suddenly, due to the heat, have an episode which requires hospitalisation. Studies conducted across the world have also shown how high temperatures are strongly associated with a risk for pre-term births.



One way that you can keep yourself safe from the effects of soaring temperatures, is to keep your body cool and maintain a stable temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius. Which means that staying indoors and using an air cooler or an air-conditioner is advisable, in order to prevent your system from suffering any deleterious effects of extreme heat.



Here’s how the heat affects you – the high temperatures prompt your cardiovascular system to work harder when it’s hot, and this added strain can cause a heart attack or stroke in some people. That’s why it is important to keep a cool head, so that your blood pressure doesn’t rise, creating cardiovascular issues.


Extreme temperatures can also cause other changes in your body that can actually cause long term damage to vital organs. Medical experts say that there are more admissions in hospital for acute kidney failure during extremely hot weather.



Then there is the dreaded risk of Heat Stroke caused due to heat exposure, when the core body temperature rises above 40.5 C and the body’s internal systems begin to shut down.



It’s a pity that so few of us today honour the tradition of taking a summer break, because it is absolutely necessary to give your body some time to recharge. However, even if you have to work through the summer, try to stay indoors during the hottest times of the day, drink plenty of water and dress comfortably. Above all, keep the heat out of your home, and get adequate sleep.