KIMS Saveera saves a patient with rare heart condition due to genetic disorder

KIMS Saveera saves a patient with rare heart condition due to genetic disorder

Dr. K. Sandeep Reddy and his team of doctors from KIMS Saveera hospitals gave a new lease of life to a young 28-year-old patient Mr. Ashok Kumar, who was suffering with a genetic disorder called Marfan’s syndrome. This was for the first time that this surgery was performed in Rayalaseema area successfully by Dr. K. Sandeep Reddy, KIMS SAVEERA and his team.


The 28-year-old is born with a genetic disorder called Marfan’s syndrome. People suffering with this are much taller and have a lean build with disproportionately long arms and legs. Their fingers and toes are usually long and thin. Their joints are loose and flexible. In this case, though Mr. Ashok was leading a normal life, recently he started developing difficulty in breathing while walking. On investigating, it was revealed that he was suffering from Severe aortic valve incompetence and dilated aorta. He was further investigated for this condition which confirmed aneurysm of ascending aorta (6cm size).


Speaking about the condition, Dr. K. Sandeep Reddy, cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon, KIMS SAVEERA Hospital said, “Marfan syndrome is pretty rare and it affects about one in 5,000 people, and in many cases, it goes undiagnosed. This condition often weakens the connective tissues that hold the organs and bones in place. In this patient’s case, it weakened the patient’s aorta. To save the patient, we planned Bentall’s procedure which is open heart surgery where in the aortic valve and aneurysmal aorta is excised and replaced with valved conduit. This is one of the most challenging and technically very demanding cardiac surgeries. Performing this surgery in a peripheral center is even more challenging.”


“This surgery carries a lot of morbidity and mortality but was managed very well by our team here.  Thanks to my team in successfully carrying out this complicated surgery and saving the life of the patient. Patient is asymptomatic and back to his normal routine now,” he added.


Expressing his happiness, Mr. Ashok said, "I never imagined that I would recover after I got to know about my rare condition. Today, I am not only fine but can also lead a normal life again. I am so grateful to Dr. Sandeep and the whole KIMS Saveera team for giving me a new life."