SuVitas Launches Bangalore’s First Dedicated Transition Care Facility

SuVitas Launches Bangalore’s First Dedicated Transition Care Facility

Bangalore, 11th July 2018: Completing the largely non-existent care gap between hospitals and home, SuVitas Holistic Healthcare launched Bangalore's first dedicated transition care facility in Domlur today.


Although Bangalore has one of the fastest growing healthcare ecosystems in India, it lacks provisions to follow up with care for critical ailments. Past critical care, a patient recovers better with skilled nursing care, regular physiotherapy, proper nutrition, and emotional support. To provide for this, SuVitas launched a 60-bed post-hospitalization rehabilitation centre with specialized programmes for stroke, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, hip-knee replacements and post cardiac procedures.  


Dr Vijay, Director, New Initiatives, SuVitas remarked, "Considering the shortage of ICU beds in the city, insufficient trained rehab professionals and financial challenges to setup more critical care facilities, there is tremendous need for effective utilization of critical care services and ICU setups through transition care."


Transition care serves a patient's needs at 1/3rd cost of a hospital and 1/10th cost of critical care management and is therefore considered to be an affordable value addition to improve one's quality of life post critical care.


Shedding light on the rise of transition care providers, Mr Sateesh Andra, Founder and Board Director, SuVitas said, "Post-acute care is gaining greater relevance in today's value-based care world. The growing base of non-local patients, increasing demand for long-term quality care for neuro cases, nuclear family culture and the flourishing medical tourism industry can significantly scale up the growth of segment.”


Dr Ramesh Byrapeni, an interventional cardiologist and Founder, Board of Director SuVitas said, "While transition care is considered equally important to mainstream medicine in developed economies, India is gradually waking up to its necessity."


With over 900 plus recovery stories of patients from different states of the country, Middle East, US & Singapore, the category defining venture, SuVitas has evolved to be a preferred rehab partner by reputed specialists across the nation.