Keep An Eye On These Eyecare Tips

Keep An Eye On These Eyecare Tips

Summer is the month to relax and enjoy in the sun.


As much as you may care for your skin during summer, it’s likely that you’ve done little for your eyes.


Many don't realise that the sun’s harmful rays—namely UVA and UVB rays—cause serious impact to the eyes. The eyes are the most delicate part of the body and need adequate hydration and protection.


Here are some simple tips that can help you in times of need.


Flash your sunglasses - Reach for your sunglasses anytime you go out. Don’t worry about coming off as cheesy, just don your favourite eyewear.


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a good pair of sunglasses provides 100-percent protection against both UVA and UVB rays.


Put a cap on your summer woes - Sometimes, old can be gold. A hat with a large, firm brim not only protects your eyes but also covers your face and neck. What’s more, it’s easy to carry and breathable. A hat with a 3-inch wide brim will do the needful. 


Chemicals take a toll - Pool parties and casual swims are inevitable in the summer. But the first plunge you take may wreak havoc on your eyes. This is because of the chlorine that’s added to the water for its disinfectant properties.


The harm chlorine does to your eyes can be irreparable—your eyes may develop corneal abrasion, irritation, blurry vision and even cataracts in the case of regular exposure. That’s why you need to wear eye goggles before taking a dip. Swimming goggles minimise eye contact with water.


Eat healthy, drink plenty - Your sun resistance comes from the food you eat. Foods that are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc prevent frequent eye dehydration and macular degeneration.


The summer heat also causes you to lose water quickly, and it's important to compensate for this loss by regular loads of water.


Don't let frequent eye problems come in the way of your summer recreation. Instead, be full prepared and rely on the above tips.