How Endometriosis Tumours Can Be Treated

How Endometriosis Tumours Can Be Treated

Endometriosis tumours are caused due to the growth of the endometrial tissue outside the uterus. These cancerous growths find their way into the bladder, the space between the vagina and rectum, and deposit themselves over organs or inside the abdomen, causing severe pain and adhesions.


These tissue deposits bleed at their respective sites, and also increase progressively in size causing ‘chocolate cysts’.


The most common place for these tumours are the ovaries. They cause severe pain during menstruation and lead to fertility problems. 


The advent of Robotic surgery has helped greatly in dealing with these tumours. 3D vision provides excellent scope for understanding the anatomy of a pelvis that has been distorted due to endometriosis, and it also facilitates higher surgical clearance.


Dr. Neena Desai, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Robotic Surgeon, says that Robotic Surgery is precise and facilitates maximum magnification. This in turn allows maximum visibility of all the affected tissues, enables effective removal of tumours, reduces the chance of recurrence and increases the chance of fertility.