Toxicon - 2022 Conference Organised at KIMS Secunderabad

Toxicon - 2022 Conference Organised at KIMS Secunderabad

Hyderabad, June 27, 2022: About 2.50 lakh people worldwide die every year due to deliberate or accidental poisoning. One and a half lakh of those people are losing their lives due to the consumption of pesticides alone. Even in developed countries like United States, there are around 64 cases of poisoning per 100,000 population. In India among all the cases of poisoning , 68.40% are intentionally poisoned and 31.60% are accidental. However, precision treatment and treatment since the time of consumption of toxic substance plays the vital role in treatment of such conditions. Along with hospitals in tier-II and tier-III cities even in metropolitan cities also there’s a huge gap between the availability and delivering of the updated treatment options. So, the internal medicine department of KIMS hospital, one of the major hospitals in Hyderabad, organized an awareness conference exclusively on toxicology and poisonings titled 'Toxicon 2022' from 8.30 am to 6.45 pm on Sunday.

Speaking about the importance of the conference, Dr V. Jagadish Kumar, Senior Consultant, Department of General Medicine, KIMS Hospital said, "When toxins are consumed, whether intentionally or accidentally, the first six hours are crucial and are called the "golden hours". The effect of drugs is also some times toxic. Usually, in case of poisoning, many of us rush to a nearby hospital, but most of us have no idea about what type of poisonous substance was actually taken, what kind of treatment should be given and whether that treatment is available in the hospital. Emphasising on the variety of drugs , poisons and venomous bites we come across and rapid administering of specific antidotes and following approved guidelines with evidence based practice is the core content of this TOXICON. An integrated approach from the trained personnel from respective departments like Emergency, Internal medicine and critical care makes the worst of the clinical situations to be bailed out. For the first time, we have organized the Toxicon-2022 conference under the aegis of KIMS Hospital with the aim of educating all the doctors in  both the Telugu states on this issue. There was been a humongous response in terms of large number of doctors participation from various specialities . All the participating medical experts took advantage of this opportunity."

The event was observed by DCP (Narcotics) G. Chakravarthy as the chief guest, while Dr B. Bhaskara Rao, Managing Director, KIMS Hospital, and Dr Sambit Sahu, Medical Director were the organizing chairpersons and Dr V. Jagadeesh Kumar, KIMS Hospital was the organizing secretary. 

Many medical experts spoke about different toxins like amphetamines and organophosphorus compound poisoning, corrosive poisoning, paraquat poisoning, benzodiazepines poisoning, high doses of thyroid/diabetic/cardiac drugs and also the toxic effects of snakebite, scorpion bites, dog bites, treatment methods, psychological aspects and follow-up for the toxic effect. It’s notable that senior faculty from several hospitals and institutions have actively participated and added their valuable inputs .

Dr Sekhar Kagula, Dr K. Sivaraju, Dr V.S. Pavan Kumar, Dr P. Goutham, Dr Pankaj Kunta, Dr V. Rakesh, Dr Alla Himadeepthi, Dr Praveen Kumar Kulkarni, Dr Chandramouli Reddy, Dr N.P. Mahesh Kumar, Dr V Jagadeesh Kumar, Dr Ajit Kumar, Dr Harsh Khandelia, Dr Subhash Kaul(KIMS Hospital), Dr Pratibha Lakshmi of Osmania Medical College, Dr Apoorva Munigela from AIG Hospital, Dr Virinchi Sharma from Manasa Hospital and others spoke on various topics.

Manimala Rao, DME Professor, KIMS Hospital, Dr Vinay Shekhar, HoD, Department of Medicine, Gandhi Medical College, Dr Srirang Abkari of Uday Omni Hospital, Dr Adarsh Singamsetty from AIG Hospital, Dr Harsh Khandelia from KIMS Hospital, Dr Naval Chandra from NIMS, Dr L. Madhusudhan Reddy from Apollo Hospital, Dr Subhash Kaul from KIMS Hospital and Dr Vadlamani Naresh from Columbus Hospital were the chair persons at the event.