Zambian nurse undergoes rare treatment at KIMS Hospitals

Zambian nurse undergoes rare treatment at KIMS Hospitals

Hyderabad, 12th March 2023: A nurse, who was working in Jambia, came with a severe health issue to KIMS hospitals. The doctors here performed surgeries and saved her life. Sr. Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology, Laparoscopic & Hepato-Pancreaticobiliary Surgery of KIMS hospitals, Dr G. Parthasarathy explained the details.

"A 36-year-old woman, who is working as a nurse at a hospital in Zambia (Southern African country) mother of three children. Some time ago, a hysterectomy was performed at the hospital where she was working. The surgery developed complications and her intestines were damaged in the process. She was again taken up for surgery to fix the issue but the surgery failed. She underwent repeated surgeries, seven in all, to get the intestinal damage rectified. All seven surgeries failed and she became extremely critical and was unable to eat food or pass stools. She was airlifted to Hyderabad. She was not given any liquid or solid food while travelling, and a cotton pad was put on the abdomen. 

She was admitted to KIMS ICU immediately after arrival. Initially, a 7-hour-surgery was done and sutures were made on the injured intestines. However, as the infection has already spread, some parts of the intestines were removed. As this is a complicated surgery, she was kept in ICU for 10 days. After that, we performed another surgery to restore the motion way. After that, she became completely normal. She recovered well and was finally able to eat normally and has regained her health completely. Her recovery was possible due to the coordinated efforts of a great team of surgeons, intensive care doctors, anesthesiologists and above all dedicated nursing care given at our hospital. She is now flying back to her homeland to reunite with her family and children."

Now she is very happy. She had some shopping like toys for her kids and other goods in Hyderabad itself. She thanked the management of KIMS hospital, the team of doctors and the nursing staff, who took complete care and saved her life.

The team of doctors who treated her are, Dr. M. Sudheer, Dr. C. Naresh Kumar Reddy HOD - Anesthesiology, Dr Ann Campos - ICU, and Dr Pavan - ICU.