Saviour of Small Babies: RAINBOW CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL continues its Journey in Vizag

Saviour of Small Babies: RAINBOW CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL continues its Journey in Vizag

Visakhapatnam, 21 July, 2022: Doctors at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Vizag has discharged Arjun Varma, born at 26 weeks of gestation weighing merely 430 grams, after 85 days of intense fight against all odds. He was ceremoniously awarded NICU graduation certificate along with 4 other extremely preterm babies discharged in the same month.

Mrs Haneesha visited Dr Ch Ragasudha, Senior Obstetrician at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Vizag on 29/03/2022 with complaints of leakage of water at merely 5 and half months of pregnancy. Her emergency Ultrasound scan revealed that there was no amniotic fluid. But luckily the blood supply from mother to the baby was not affected and there were no signs of infection. After discussing with NICU team and parents, Dr Ragasudha decided to try to prolong the pregnancy, while ensuring the health and safety of both mother and baby as each day inside mother is going to improve baby’s chances of survival. Mrs Haneesha received medicines to improve maturity of baby’s lungs and brain. Unfortunately, after 8 days Mrs Haneesha went into labour and delivered a baby boy on 7th April, 2022. Delivery was attended by Dr Ragasudha along with team of NICU doctors and nurses lead by Dr Vishal Kole.

Arjun didn’t breathe immediately at birth. He required intubation with smallest size of endotracheal tube. A medicine called surfactant was given to improve maturity of his lungs. Dr Vishal Kole says “After initial evaluation, we realized the magnitude of challenge in front of us. Arjun was born with a birth weight of 430 grams while average weight for newborn babies is around 3 kg. All of his organs were very immature and he would not be able to survive on his own. He didn’t have enough storage of nutrients in his body and was at a very high risk of infections. He had a very thin skin which could lose massive amount of water and heat. At Arjun’s stage, even normal light and sound could damage his eyes and ears. We had to keep him in a specialized incubator inside complete dark room with very minimal noise.”

Remembering his journey, Dr Anvesh Amiti says, “During his NICU stay, Arjun required ventilator support for close to 50 days followed by oxygen support for another 25 days. He received nutrition through his veins along with mother’s milk to support his growth and blood sugar levels. Arjun faced multiple issues like fluctuating oxygen levels, jaundice, irregular breathing efforts, Chronic lung disease due to his extreme prematurity and extremely low birth weight. But his parents remained motivated and positive to support him along with the NICU Team in this tough journey.” Arjun received intensive neonatal care under the guidance of Dr Vishal Kole, Dr Anvesh Amiti, Dr Srilatha Puli and a very experienced and caring NICU Nursing staff. Mrs Haneesha mentions that “Initial 2 weeks were very stressful for us. We had never imagined to see our baby inside incubator, covered with all the wires and tubes. The only sigh of relief was that we were seeing the NICU team giving their best efforts. Our doctors encouraged us to touch him as he can sense his parents touch, voice etc. I vividly remember the day I touched his hand and he held my finger. It was amazing. I knew at that moment we will do whatever is necessary to help our little Arjun to win this battle.”

Dr Srilatha Puli mentions “It took him close to 45 days to achieve the milestone of 1 kg and now he weighs 1.7 kgs, and after 85 days of huge battle against all odds, today, Arjun is going home proudly and truly earning this life. Tests have confirmed that his organs are maturing as normally as they would in mother’s womb. He will be regularly monitored for his growth and development.”