National diabetes the disease week festival From June 12 to 18

National diabetes the disease week festival  From June 12 to 18

Sweetness is something that brings joy to everyone . Butif that sweetness is too much in the body , life becomesbitter . Diabetes is a serious psychological concern for a person . There is a need to increase public awarenessabout this disease .

For this, National Diabetes Week is being organized from12th to 18th June . According to IDF 2021(INTERNATIONAL DIABETES FEDERATION) report ,around 537 million ( around 53 crore ) people are suffering from diabetes . This number is expected to increase to more than 643 million ( approximately 64.3 crore ) by 2030. Although there are many types ofdiabetes , mainly type 1 type , type 2 type , gestationaldiabetes is seen more often in pregnant women . Morethan 90 percent of people with diabetes have type 2diabetes .

Common symptoms in people with diabetes ( diabetesmellitus ) include frequent urination , increased hunger , increased thirst , sudden weight loss , excessive fatigue , blurred vision , burning soles , numbness , fungalinfections of the skin , frequent urinary tract infectionsInfections and wounds heal quickly .

Most of the time it is neglected as no symptoms are seen. In such cases, the effect of this diabetes becomessevere and we see many times that diabetes is revealedin the blood tests that are done and people suffer fromheart attacks and strokes .

People who are overweight even without any diseasesymptoms , people with high blood pressure ( BP ), people with heart disease , when our parents havediabetes , people with high blood cholesterol levels , people who do not do much physical activity , people with HIV disease are at risk of developing blood sugarrelated to diabetes ( sugar disease ). By getting tested , it is possible to detect it early and take appropriate care .

Important causes of type 2 diabetes : Overweight ,excessive caloric intake , lack of physical exercise , workstress / mental stress , genetics .

Among these reasons, other than genetics , all the otherreasons can be controlled !

Dr. Shravani Tanna

Consultant Endocrinologist

Kim's Icon , Vizag

Food items made of sugar , biscuits made of flour , cakes , ice creams , cold drinks ( cool drinks ) and otherprocessed food , the less you eat, the healthier you are.

Regular blood tests should be done to know the diabeteslevels . Diabetes can be controlled by following properdiet , exercising regularly and using medicines as per theadvice of expert doctors .