Hear ‘N’ Say Clinic hosts "Let’s Talk Workshop" for parents of autistic children

Hear ‘N’ Say Clinic hosts "Let’s Talk Workshop" for parents of autistic children

Hyderabad, June 18th, 2022: Hear ‘N’ Say Clinic, hosted a unique, informative and revealing, ‘Let’s Talk Workshop’ for parents of Autistic Children, to commemorate the Autistic Pride Day, today, June 18th, at Hear ‘N’ Say Clinic, Secunderabad. Reputed city based audiologist and speech therapist and Clinical Director, Speech-Language Pathology of Hear 'N' Say Clinic, Dr Garima Vegivada; conducted the workshop and enlightened the parents on the ways to cope and manage children with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain.

Dr Garima Vegivada, recently certified on Autism by the world renowned Hanen Center, Canada; shared invaluable insights to groom ASD kids into independent individuals, besides addressing several lingering queries of parents on behavioural challenges these kids present. Dr Garima is one among the few in India, trained in Hanen program to help parents with Autistic kids.

Through the workshop, parents were imparted hands on training to manage the behavioural challenges, speech and sensory issues and some practical means to engage with ASD children and help them evolve into well rounded individuals, says Dr Sai Krishna Vegivada, Clinical Director Audiology, Hear ‘N’ Say Clinic.

The workshop encompassed aspects like ways to motivates ASD children to communicate, to set appropriate and realistic goals for them, engage in longer interactions, tips for using pictures and print to enhance the child’s comprehension, different approaches to make child understand the parents; strategies to develop child’s play skills and make friends. These skills enable ASD children to develop progressive behavioural competencies and enable them to get assimilated in the society.

At the workshop parents were sensitised on ways to reduce the screen and phone time, which is one of the biggest evils impacting mind growth, leading to behavioural outburst among ASD children outside home. The workshop had mock games session to familiarise parents with the games they can play with ASD children and were educated on how they benefit the child in their overall development, says Dr Garima Vegivada.