HCG Cancer Centre Initiated an awareness program called “Power of Good Wishes” on World Cancer Day

HCG Cancer Centre Initiated an awareness program called “Power of Good Wishes” on World Cancer Day
HCG Cancer Centre Initiated an awareness program called “Power of Good Wishes” on World Cancer Day

Ahmedabad: World Cancer Day is observed on 4th February every year and serves as a global platform to raise awareness about cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. To mark this important day, HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad has introduced an inspiring awareness campaign called “Power of Good Wishes”. This initiative encourages individuals to share stories of hope and survival while recognizing the difficulties experienced by those impacted by cancer. Through this activity, the Hospital aims to uplift and empower cancer patients by inviting them to write down their wishes and dreams in a special bottle during their treatment journey.

As part of the initiative, each patient who got treated in the last year receives a unique box containing an empty bottle and 12 small chits. Every month, either the Patient or their family member or a friend opens a chit, writes down a wish, and places it in the bottle.

Over a year, these collected wishes become a powerful source of inspiration for the patients. After completing one year, during the next World Cancer Day, patients can revisit their aspirations and witness the transformative journey they have undertaken.

This year World Cancer Day 2024 focuses on the universal theme of Close the Care Gap, advocating for equal access to cancer care for all. This important initiative highlights the disparities in cancer diagnosis, treatment, and support services around the world. By addressing these gaps in care, we can work towards ensuring that everyone, regardless of their location or economic status, has access to life-saving cancer screenings, treatments, and support.

Talking about the initiative Dr. Bharat Gadhavi, Regional Director, HCG Hospitals, Gujrat & Rajasthan said “By fostering a deep connection between hope, resilience, and personal fulfilment through this initiative, HCG Cancer Center, Ahmedabad not only raises awareness about cancer treatment but also supports each patient's emotional well-being. The Hospital is committed to making every patient's journey meaningful by acknowledging the power of good wishes in overcoming adversities. We at HCG will want to help with all their wishes that are possible to fulfill during the year and at the same time next year, we will want to regroup and see how many wishes came true.”

“All the Doctors at the HCG Cancer Centre are excited about the Power of Good Wishes initiative on World Cancer Day 2024. They believe that this program reflects the comprehensive approach taken at the center. According to clinicians, cancer treatment should not only focus on medical interventions but also on supporting patients' emotional and psychological well-being. The 'Power of Good Wishes' initiative offers patients a special opportunity to express their hopes and dreams, which helps them maintain a positive attitude during their difficult journey.” Added Dr Gadhavi.

Rajesh Sharma (name Changed), a cancer patient receiving treatment at HCG Cancer Centre, also appreciates the initiative. He feels that it's not just about physical healing but also about finding strength through the support of others and his aspirations. Writing down his wishes each month gives him a sense of planting seeds of hope, allowing him to stay connected to his dreams and aspirations. He believes that this makes the path to recovery more meaningful. Rajesh expresses gratitude to HCG Cancer Centre for acknowledging the significance of emotional well-being in the battle against cancer.