Bhumika Chawla, the gorgeous Bollywood Diva, to be the Brand Ambassador of Esha IVF Fertility Center!

Bhumika Chawla, the gorgeous Bollywood Diva, to be the Brand Ambassador of Esha IVF Fertility Center!

    Hyderabad, May 2023: Esha IVF Fertility Center - the leading state-of-the-art Fertility Center, fulfilling parenthood dreams, announced the gorgeous diva and Bollywood star actress Bhumika Chawla as its Brand Ambassador, on International Mother’s Day, today at Esha IVF Fertility Center, Banjara Hills. Dr Chandana Lakkireddi, Senior IVF Specialist and Founder, Esha IVF Fertility Center; also announced the beautiful Gift of ‘Motherhood to women’ yearning for their very own bundle of joy, on the occasion. Dr Srividya Parvathaneni, Consultant, Infertility and IVF, Esha IVF; Dr Chandini Chinta, Consultant, Infertility and IVF, Esha IVF; specialist doctors, paramedics and joyous parents who conceived through IVF at Esha, joined in the celebrations.   

    Rising incidence of infertility is an issue of grave concern globally. According to WHO, 1 in every 6 people experiences infertility in their lifetime, which makes up to 17.5% of the adult population. Therefore, there is an urgent need to increase access to affordable, high-quality fertility care for those in need.


    Despite a double digit increase in India, with 27.5 million being affected by infertility, any discussion on it continues to be a taboo and is generally brushed under the carpet, instead of pondering and exploring for solutions, says Dr Chandana Lakkireddi.

    Across societies and cultures, Infertility is attributed to woman. However research throws light on the fact that 30% of the infertility cases are attributed solely to women, another 30% are attributed to men alone, 30% are due to deficiencies in both the partners and the cause is unknown for the rest of 10% incidence. Solutions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infertility, including assisted reproductive technology such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), remain underfunded and inaccessible to many due to high costs, social stigma and limited availability.


    Esha IVF, headed by the renowned gynecologist, Dr Chandana Lakkireddi, with over two decades of experience in leading UK Hospitals, offers the latest techniques including PGT, ERA, PRP and assisted hatching. The Center has state-of-the-art infrastructure for providing world-class infertility care. Dr Chandana Lakkireddi, who has a FRCOG degree from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; is assisted by highly experienced team of infertility specialists.


    Esha IVF is acknowledged for providing speedy succor to childless couples through international standard protocols and best practices. It is recognized for accomplishing success with minimal attempts and time to conceive, thus lessening the enormous trauma would be parents endure. Esha IVF is expanding its operations to enhance its reach with its second branch at Gachibowli.



    At Esha IVF, patients take a mere month or two to conceive once they are under our care. Last month alone, we achieved an all-time high success rate of 85% in IVF and 40% in IUI. This pool majorly included patients who have had repeated failed cycles elsewhere, says Dr Chandana Lakkireddi.


    Speaking on the occasion Brand Ambassador Bhumika Chawla said, being a woman is the toughest role of all in the world, but it’s even harder trying to become a mother. Motherhood is the trickiest path to endure for every woman and its especially hard due to the social stigma associated with infertility. Esha is doing wonderful Infertility work with literally 80% to 90% success rate in IVF treatment, that way Esha is spreading smiles among couples longing to become parents. For me, being associated with Esha IVF on Mother’s Day is all the more momentous.


    Esha IVF has a lot to offer, the latest technology, research, the best professionals in this field. But what I loved the most about Esha, is that they have identified the need to lend support emotionally to these hopeful parents, especially to the women who are unable to express themselves openly. Counselling offers a sympathetic and non-fundamental platform for the couples to seek the best options available. The guidance and support which the society needs to give to these couples is extended by Esha exclusively, she added.


    Dr Chandana Lakkireddi, the founder, visionary, and the driving force behind the success of Esha IVF, is a dedicated infertility specialist for over 25 years, with unwavering commitment. She brought joy to countless couples by helping them overcome infertility challenges. Her expertise in IVF treatments has resulted in the birth of over 9000 precious babies. Driven by her passion she created a profound impact in the field of reproductive medicine, she said.

    Infertility is commonly due to lifestyle choices, urbanization, hormonal changes, stress and postponement of parenthood. Couples are embarrassed about this condition; they need to come out of the shell and seek professional help for solutions through conventional IVF methods. Esha IVF offers all the latest techniques and state of the art infrastructure for the couples who walk-in with the dream of parenthood, she opined.  


    Building awareness and sensitizing the society about infertility being a natural phenomenon can mitigate the trauma of childless couples. That enables the couples to avail the expertise of Centers like Esha and fulfill their dreams, says Bhumika Chawla.