Anantha Rehabilitation Center Inaugurated by Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamyji

Anantha Rehabilitation Center Inaugurated by Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamyji

Medical dignitaries and philantrophists of Hyderabad graced the event.
75 beds facility to provide holistic services

Hyderabad, 29th January, 2024: “Manava Sevaga, Sarva Prani Seva”  was the prominent remark made by the Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamyji at  Anantha Rehab Translational Care and Pain Management Center .when he inaugurated the event at the sprawling Begumpet premises.

Swamyji said “ normally everyone says “Manava Seve, Madhava Seva” but nobody thinks of other creatures living on this planet. God has made all of us equally. It is hightime we think of the air, water, land, plants, animals, insects and other creations as we have to co-exists with them for a peaceful existence. First of all, I thank the contribution of medical dignitaries and philantrophists whose contribution has made this mission possible”.

“Humans are the only ones who visit a doctor and visit hospitals. But animals cure themselves by instinct when they are sick. If a Dog or a Cat  is feeling sick they abstain from eating and observe a fast. They chew some Green grass and later vomit. This is a natural detox that nature has programmed by default. We humans have a lot to learn by observing nature”. 

“Citing another example, Swamyji said, we have to do something unique and not the usual routine. Our work has to be monitored regularly and updated I am thankful to the medical dignitaries and philanthropists for arranging medical camps for the benefit of less privileged strata of society”.

Swamy added “ it is high time the women of our society take care of their health by attending health camps and go for regular medical tests. Most women are ignorant of cervical cancer and I insist that they visit a doctor for a smear test at the earliest. 

“Rehab centres are the need of the hour and this is slowly becoming popular in Hyderabad. Such rehab and nursing centres are common in foreign countries.I respect all systems of medicine but most of them are alter.native and supplementary. Good food and proper exercise is less expensive and effective to medical treatment. Organ donation is a great idea, but it is only a duplicate inserted into your body”.

Co-founder Dr. Chandrasekhar said, “rehab therapy is the answer to our next level. We don’t take patients directly but only referral cases from the original hospital and send them back. Our hospital also has a negative and positive facility including an advanced hyperbaric oxygen chamber”

“He emphasized the comprehensive services offered by Anantha, including rehabilitation, transitional care, pain management, and palliative care. Critical Care Physicians and General Physicians will be available 24x7, treating infections in specialized positive and negative pressure rooms. The centre also boasts a team of 10 physiotherapists trained in cardiology, respiratory, sports medicine, neurosurgery, and orthopaedics”

"Anantha is one of the largest rehabilitation center in South India, with 75 rooms and a team of dedicated specialists. Our goal is to provide holistic care, addressing both chronic and acute health issues," explained Dr. Chandrasheker. The centre will offer personalized diet plans, backed by a dietician, catering to individual patient needs”.

‘At Anantha, we have created state of the art infrastructure to provide best possible services for our in patients. We have best doctors from their respective fields to provide best medical care. The facility, equipped with 75 beds and backed by 125 staff including doctors and supporting staff specializing in various fields, aims to bridge the existing healthcare gap,’ said Dr. MS Anand Rao,  promoter of Anantha Rehabilitation center

KIMS Chairman Dr.B. Bhaskar Rao said, “rehab is a rising trend and Anantha is doing a good job by proving to be the best centre in Hyderabad with all the latest facilities in the medical field. Anantha offers extensive pain management services including high end equipment like radio frequency ablation machines, C arm, ultrasound which can tackle chronic low back, knee and facial pains, complicated pains and cancer pains. Pain management department is managed by internationally qualified pain physicians”.

Dr. Gurava Reddy, Managing Director of Sunshine Hospitals after releasing the brochure said, “Hyderabad is medically known for it’s replacement and medical theraphy. Patience, love, empathy is what bring people to Hyderabad for medical treatment”. Dr. Ved Prakash said, “ people like Swamyji enlighten our lives with spiritual healing in addition to medical treatment. He referred to sparsh, a palliative care centre as an example”. Dignitaries MP  TG Venkatesh, AIG Chairman Dr. Nageshwar Reddy,  My home Chairman Jupally Rameshwararao, and former minister  Puvvada Ajay Kumar graced the event.