A 10-year-old gets a rare kidney problem, called Dense Deposit Disease

A 10-year-old gets a rare kidney problem, called Dense Deposit Disease

First pediatric case in Andhra Pradesh
Successfully treated in Kurnool KIMS Hospital

Kurnool, 9th February 2023: Charan, a 10-year-old boy from the Yemmiganur area, experienced swelling of his feet and face, followed by high blood pressure and blood in his urine. He visited multiple doctors in Yemmignur and Kurnool, but his symptoms did not improve. Eventually, he went to KIMS hospital to see Nephrologist Dr. K Anantha Rao, who then explained the details of his case.

“Testing showed loss of protein and blood in the urine. Due to heavy protein loss in urine, blood albumin levels decreased which led to swelling of the feet. This is called nephrotic syndrome. This child also had a loss of blood in the urine associated with high BP, and a decrease in kidney function which is called nephritic syndrome. This child had both – nephrotic- nephritic syndromes.

We did a Kidney biopsy to identify the cause of his illness. A special test called electron microscopy was also done in this case which revealed the diagnosis to be "Dense Deposit Disease". Subsequently, special tests were done to identify the cause of the disease, including anti-factor H antibody level, C3 Nef level, and genetic testing. This child had a genetic defect in the complement protein. After complete evaluation, the child was started on immunosuppression treatment to which the child has responded well" explained Dr. K. Anantha Rao.

Only 9 cases in South India so far

Dense deposit disease is a very rare disease that affects one child in one lakh population. Electron microscopy is essential for the diagnosis of this disease. Only 9 pediatric patients with Dense Deposit Disease have been reported from south India in the literature and this is the first pediatric case in Andhra Pradesh. Previously, such issues are diagnosed only in metros like Hyderabad and Bangalore. Such facilities are available at KIMS Hospital in Kurnool now.

Early diagnosis is very essential in such cases and also in most kidney disorders. Kidney biopsy is essential in the diagnosis of most kidney diseases. A delay in identifying the problem may lead to permanent loss of kidney function and lead to a need for dialysis. Early biopsy and treatment prevent loss of kidney function and thereby prevent entering the dialysis stage.  Any person detected to have kidney dysfunction should consult a nephrologist and undergo a kidney biopsy if required. Dr. Anantha Rao has done more than 500 kidney biopsies and can be consulted at KIMS Hospital, Kurnool.