Traditional Indian foods get a thumps up

Traditional Indian foods get a thumps up

Burgers. Pizzas. Pohas. Samosas.



Which food item would you pick from this menu?


If you have picked anything other than Pohas and Samosas, then you have made an incorrect health choice.


This is what was concluded by a report called Body Burden: Lifestyle Choice released by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) to highlight the state of India’s health.



So what are triggers of non- communicable diseases (NCDs) according to WHO?


Intake of alcohol


Smoking of tobacco


Diets poor in vitamins, minerals & proteins


Lack of physical activity



However Sunita Narain, director general of CSE adds that WHO needs to call out a few more factors in India which is responsible for 61% of deaths in the country:



Foods that are high in salt, sugar, fat but low in nutrition


Pesticides exposure which are known to cause cancer


Air pollution


In case you were unaware of it, here are seven major health problems Indians suffer from:


1. The Obesity/ Overweight Epidemic: Consider this: there were twice as many obese Indians in 2015 vis-a- vis 2005. In fact statistics say, 20.7 % women and 18.6% men in the age group of 15-49 years are victims of obesity.







The presence of obesogenic chemicals like DDT, bisphenol A, MSG and arsenic in the air



Ultra processed food like Maggi veg noodles and Minute Maid pulpy orange



1.How can you beat obesity?



Eat processed food cautiously



Try getting more daily exercise



The Government can:



Prohibit excessive media advertisements of these products



Tax unhealthy foods heavily



Ask manufactures to tag detailed labels



2. Mental health problems: Mental health problems are no longer a joke. Over 10 % of the country’s population or 150 million people are affected by mental disorders.






No social support



Changing, unhealthy diets



Money worries



Increased sugar intake



Air pollution: each increase of PM 2.5 in the environment by 4.34 microgram/ cubic meter can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s!



3. Cancer: It’s a scary figure: by 2020, there will be 1.73 million additional Indians falling prey to cancer each year! It’s a costly, expensive killer; both screening and medication are beyond the reach of the common man.






Household chemicals






Toxins in the air



Tobacco & alcohol



Air pollution



High protein, low fiber diets



4. Heart diseases: Your heart can literally kill you; 26 % of the deaths of Indians can be attributed to cardiovascular diseases. Male and the youth population are especially at risk.





Lack of exercise