TS Govt. Comes Down Heavily On Unjustified C-Sections

TS Govt. Comes Down Heavily On Unjustified C-Sections

Taking serious note of the increasing number of Caesarean sections in private nursing homes in Telangana, the district administration has chalked out a regulation plan. Five private clinics in Mahbubnagar have been issued notices by the District Medical and Health Officer (DMHO) for carrying out unwanted C-sections on pregnant women.


Investigation reports suggest that in several cases, women were healthy and could have delivered normally. It was found that private maternity clinics did not comply with standard procedures, and this prompted the DMHO to take action.


TS Govt. Issues Notices To Five Hospitals


The hospitals to which notices were served include Shirdi Sai, Vasudeva, Danuish and Sai Chandana.


Health Minister Dr Laxma Reddy said, “We have taken action against five hospitals in Mahbubnagar and will be taking action against other such hospitals in the state. Health workers have been asked to log in all the details of pregnant women. This will help in the evaluation of cases where C-sections are done unnecessarily.”


Telangana State tops the list of C-sections at 74.9 percent. The highest number of C-sections are carried out in Nalgonda (82 percent), followed by Karimnagar (81 percent) and Warangal (80 percent). In Ranga Reddy and Hyderabad, the figures stand at 74 and 71 percent respectively.


According to a survey conducted in five mandals in Mahbubnagar by the District Health Officer revealed, nearly 800 out of 1,000 women had C-sections. The report said that in most cases, pregnant women had not reported any complications.


Experts Opine 


Dr S Sridevi, Senior Government Gynaecologist explained, “Many women come prepared for labour and are willing to bear the pain. It’s the duty of the doctor and the team to help them have normal deliveries.”


Dr Hema Divakar, Head of the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecological Societies of India explained, “We definitely agree that a high number of C-sections are being carried out. But blaming doctors or taking action against them isn’t going to solve the problem. These actions will lead to defensive treatment, which ultimately will harm pregnant women. It’s important for doctors to frame a set of guidelines for performing C-section.”


Presently, in most city clinics in the city, only 20 women normal deliveries are carried out for every 100 cases, while the rest are C-sections performed due to complications like hypertension, diabetes or other factors or the demand from the family for C-section.