In recent times it has been noted that more and more women are experiencing hair loss and female pattern baldness. Female pattern hair loss is the commonest cause of hair loss in women and it escalates with time. This could be as high as 40% , and there are various factors like lifestyle, illness, hormonal imbalance and stress responsible for this condition. Hair loss in women often has a greater impact than hair loss does in men, because it is less socially acceptable. Dr. Viral Desai, celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon, DHI India, and CPLSS, shares his valuable opinion on Female Pattern Baldness.



Female Pattern Baldness, also called Androgenic Alopecia, is hair loss that affects women. They may experience psychological distress and impaired social functioning. Women with Female Pattern Baldness usually experience general hair thinning, which affects the volume of their hair. In women, the first sign of Female Pattern Baldness is noticed when thinning of the hair and widening of the partition of the hair is visible and hair does not feel as thick as usual. Although the scalp may be visible, the hairline usually does not recede.



 Female Pattern Baldness is hereditary. It is more common after menopause, so it is likely that hormones are responsible. Hair loss in women is normal, especially as you age. Up to two-thirds of women experience hair loss after menopause. It is normal for women to lose 50 to 100 hairs each day, but those with Female Pattern Baldness can lose much more.


Some of the key reasons wherein we see an increase in female hair loss and Female Pattern Baldness are because of the present lifestyle, bad eating habits, lack of proper nutrition, lack of proper sleep and stress. In most cases, the diagnosis can be made clinically and the condition treated medically.



Hair loss treatment is not a one size fits all approach. Doctors customise a treatment plan based on specific aspects of your hair loss including the age of onset, rate of progression, degree of hair loss, response to previous therapies as well as information derived from a physical examination.



Some of the Hair Loss Treatments which prove beneficial for Female Pattern Baldness are:


A) Oral Medicines and Applications

B) Laser Therapy

 C) Meso Therapy

D) Stem cells Therapy


F) Hair Transplant

When the treatment is started on time or at an early stage it enables the person to control hair loss, and equally after the results are visible it restores the person's self-esteem and confidence. Hair loss in women can be frustrating, but recent years have seen an increase in resources for coping with the problem.