Pollution Is A Major Cause Of Asthma

Pollution Is A Major Cause Of Asthma
Pollution Is A Major Cause Of Asthma

Increasing vehicular traffic is one of the major contributing factors for the the numerous cases of asthma in Hyderabad. The traffic scenario is resulting in major chaos and today, even tiny residential colonies are affected by pollution.


A Change For The Worse


Dr S A Rafi, Consultant Pulmonologist, explained, “Earlier, vehicular pollution affected mostly the main roads and it was assumed that only residents along those roads suffered the most. But now, even the otherwise peaceful colonies are suffering from too much of two-wheeler traffic.”


Experts state that this ends up causing a lot of trouble for children. When children are exposed to vehicular emissions, they become prone to pollution-related diseases. Children who play in playgrounds during heavy vehicular traffic in the evenings are the most vulnerable to these diseases.


Dr. Pradyut Wagray, Consultant Pulmonologist, Apollo Hospital, remarked, “The airways get choked due to fine dust particles present in the polluted air, resulting in tightening of the chest. In children, this leads to a severe cough early in the morning and also at night, which is found to persist despite oral medications. However, asthma symptoms are found to vary from person to person as other causes like cold, pollen, furry pets and viruses can’t be undermined.”


Myths About Asthma


 It’s a disease in the head

 It’s an emotional disease

 It does not cause death



Facts That You Should Know


 Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease in which many cells and cellular elements play a role.

 Chronic inflammation leads to wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and cough, particularly at night and during the early morning.

 It’s a physical problem of the bronchial tubes. 

 Emotions are found to act as triggers in asthma patients.

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