Looking beyond Superfoods for Health

Looking beyond Superfoods for Health

The word ‘superfood’ was introduced into the Indian consumers vocabulary a few years ago. Since then, the supermarkets have been flooded by a range of grains and foods that claim to have fantastic benefits. Great skin, hair, energy, nutrition and everything else if you just partake some superfoods everyday.



The flip side of this has been the expense of such ‘superfoods’. Most of these are not native to India, and the end user pays the price for these imported foods.



When we truly ask what consists of ‘superfoods’, we have to delve into the elements and benefits of these foods. Quinoa and Chia seeds are the two most popular foods that feature in various recipes.



When we compare the ‘benefits’ of these superfoods to products that have long been in the Indian market, there are no difference in terms of nutrition that these seeds offer. There are various alternatives to ‘superfoods’ like Quinoa and Chia, which offer the same nutrition - being cheaper on your pocket.



The human body has varied requirements that simply cannot be met by a handful of foods. A ‘balanced’ diet is critical to a healthy body, and by that definition, every food is a superfood. The human body requires fats, oils, carbs, proteins, fibres and more.



While Chia and Quinoa have their place in the food chain, there are alternatives like indigenous buckwheat, amaranth seeds, basil seeds etc, which are more easily accessible and as effective.



The efficacy of these foods, however, are most effective when paired in the right amounts. The whole of what you eat is more imperative than any individual food.



In the event that superfoods aren't the 'enchantment wand' with regards to a sound, balanced eating regimen – what approach would it be advisable for us to take?



Assortment - It's about assortment. Foods grown from the ground have heaps of various nutrients and cancer prevention agents. The antioxidants clean up free radicals, which cause cell harm and those are the things that will forestall growth.



Color - Cancer prevention agents are rich in the plant cell dividers so they're in the shades of various foods. Go for a rainbow diet with bunches of various shaded foods grown from the ground (fruits and vegetables).



Regular foods- The unassuming carrot, for example, is extremely high in betacarotene, which has bunches of health advantages. Extremely basic things like garlic and onions are incredible, as well – even tomato, which is packed with lycopene.



Local and in-season foods- On the off chance that we purchase local, in-season foods grown from the ground we're not eating things that are voyaging miles and influenced by pesticides and chemicals.



At last, it is imperative to know about the form in which you are devouring the superfood. Regularly they are processed to the point that they are of no utilization to the body.



We have to expand the scope of nutritious foods, ensuring the right pairing to ensure efficiency, in our diets instead of concentrating exclusively on a modest bunch of foods asserted to be 'super'.


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Vijaysurya, Founder and CEO of NutriParadise Foods LLP, aims to bring treat to the treatment. With this venture founded in 2014, Vijaysurya wants to educate the consumer about the chosen diets, health plans, dietary requirements and dietary services at Indian hospitals.


Growing up around nature he was always curious about the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of plants and organic products.


A pro in the food and health sector he was inspired by the idea of fulfilling the dietary needs of the human body during specific illnesses in a more convenient & affordable way.