Know the threats of your Head Phones

Know the threats of your Head Phones

Technology is playing a prominent role in our daily life, leaving us all indulge in luxuries and comfort with hidden ill health effect. Despite the knowledge and accessibility of comfort has increased on the go, there are pros and cons for it too. These days listening to music has become a basic need for the people especially youngsters. Although it’s cool to wear and walk around with a trendy pair of headsets, there are many hidden health issues that many people are oblivious.


How it can be harmful for our hearing system?


The inner ear contains tiny hair cells. These cells are damaged due to continuous use of loud music and noise


 Risk and damage to your hearing when:


 Listening to music more than 5-6 hrs.


 Too close to the speaker in concerts or events


 Maximum use of headphone volume


 Listening in a headphone with ear buds that sits closer to your ear drum


 Repeated exposure to loud noise and music


People should note that there is a subtle difference between noise and music. Noise is irritating whereas music is pleasing to hear. Therefore noise is injurious to health. Listening to music at higher decibels and for longer duration could lead to noise induced hearing loss. Noise cancelling technology in earphones has grown massively in the recent times. You can use such headphones to reduce the chances of complications, says Dr Shekar singh, an ENT doctor.


“Do you sometime just hear a random beep sound, and are worst when the background sound is low ? Then you are already experiencing tinnitus due to headphones. Many youngsters are losing their hearing at alarming rates due to excessive noise exposure from stereo headphone Avoid tiny earphones that directly go into the ear canal. Make sure the earphones are sanitized before using. Moreover, do not use them while travelling unless it is necessary.” says Dr T Srinivasan (General Physician), Gleneagles Global Hospitals.


Mentioned below are some more hazards of headphones and earphones:


Hear Loss or Hearing Complications: -On wearing headphones or earphones, the direct audio gets into your ears. If anyone listens at more than 100 decibels for more even 15 minutes, he/she can face hearing complications. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds is the most common cause of tinnitus. Up to 90% of people with tinnitus have some level of noise-induced hearing loss.