H3U App launches a new service MOBA Connect

H3U App launches a new service MOBA Connect

The service focuses on fulfilling the medical needs of pregnant women.H3U, an exclusive health care app flagged by Vipul Medcare, takes pride in announcing another feature MOBA Connect, a service which focuses on the needs of a pregnant woman and her expectant child.



The MOBA (Mother- Baby service) offers a pregnancy tracker which showcases a weekly guide to developmental changes in baby and the mother-to- be, along with tips for care. It also offers the service of medicines to be delivered at home. A provision for online opinion and consultations, through a text or video chat, with a gynaecologist and psychologist is also one of the features of MOBA Connect. In addition to that, MOBA service also offers discounts at pharmacy stores, diagnostic centers, gyms and spas.




Mr. Virender Kumar Jangra, CTO of Vipul Medcare Private Limited, mentions,” We want H3U to be a one- stop healthcare option for all audiences and we can’t ignore under any services at the comfort of their homes and at utmost ease. The proposition of H3U is ‘Health on Tap’ and we take pride in providing a service to the expectant mothers through which their medical needs can be fulfilled with a tap on their phone. With added features like vaccinations and appointments that can be scheduled through this service, it becomes really easy for the expecting mothers to focus more on their overall health and comfort.”



Dr. Dipika Dabas, Senior Manager (Wellness), adds, “The path to parenthood is an exciting one, but there's so much to learn, and it can be overwhelming. It can be both super distracting (in a good way) and extremely uncomfortable (in a bad way, obviously). As a responsible mother(First timer or otherwise), you surely need the best tools if you really want to make it through, and not just with white noise and random jibber-jabber, but practical things that will benefit you and your baby. Looking up random medical stuff related to pregnancy online is generally not recommended, at least not without backing it up via a consultation with an actual physician, because the internet is an endless pit of scary and misleading things and you’ll end up reading about some rare condition that is not even applicable to you or your type of pregnancy.



These days, for just about every stage of having a baby - from conception and pregnancy, to birth and beyond – there are plenty of such apps available online. They won't provide all the answers, but they can prove to be a handy tool to help you along the way.



MOBA connect is one such app where all your questions can be answered in a more corroborated way. It is a dynamic, easy to use prenatal app with all the tools you need for a healthy pregnancy. It includes interactive pregnancy tools like planning for pregnancy, helpful pre and post conception info, checklists and facts, fertility tracking tool etc.




It also features healthy pregnancy basics like tips like:



Choosing the right prenatal care provider



Understanding proper eating habits for you and your baby



Calculating your ideal weight gain



Recognizing common discomforts found in pregnancy



Building an activity plan to keep yourself moving during pregnancy



Understanding labor and birth



Understanding the stages of labor and child birth



It also provides the immunization tracker with a notification service for a hassle-free experience. The questions like “what should be my baby’s weight, head circumference and height at 6 months or 1yr and is it normal or what should be done to achieve baby’s optimal growth” can be answered by tracking baby’s growth through MOBA’s growth tracker feature. In nutshell, it can be asserted that MOBA is a highly innovative, informative, tech-n- user friendly prenatal app for end-to- end healthy pregnancy experience.”