Cochlear Implants to Aid Children With Hearing Difficulties

Cochlear Implants to Aid Children With Hearing Difficulties

Hyderabad, 14th October 2018: Hearing is one of the most important sense that also plays a very crucial role in the verbal communication of a human’s Life. Hearing impaired people generally get isolated as from family and friends as they are unable to be part of a conversation happening around them. KIMS Hospitals, Secunderabad started Cochlear Implant program in 2015 to sensitize people about near normal hearing to children and adults who are suffering. with hearing impairment.


Mr. S.S. Rajamouli, the famed Director of Baahubali and Mr. MM Keeravani ace music composer of the Telugu Film industry, attended the event to support the cause and create more awareness.


Dr. Janardhan Rao Jagini, Consultant ENT, KIMS Hospitals, says, “We are incredibly pleased to be part of this awareness initiative to help the public to learn more about cochlear implants. Our aim is to create more awareness about hearing impairment and cochlear implants with recent advances. The program is for the children who already underwent cochlear implant surgery and who are planning to undergo cochlear implant surgery. This platform will benefit both the groups and the parents will gain more confidence related to the cochlear implantation.”


“In India, 63 million people (6.3%) suffer from the significant auditory loss. Six in every 1000 children suffer from severe to profound hearing loss. With over 100,000 babies that are born with hearing deficiency every year. Children with severe to profound hearing loss need to be identified as early as possible and most of these kids may need cochlear implant surgery within 12 months of their age. Age of their implantation plays a major role in the development of their speech and language skills. If nothing is done these children grow-up as a deaf-mute and communicate by sign-language,” he added.


Mr. Shiva Prasad Audiologist and Clinical Specialist in Cochlear Implants focused on the importance of early intervention. To get better results with Cochlear implants it’s better to identify the problem as early as possible and the Cochlear implant surgery within 12 months of the age.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajamouli said, “A child born with Congenital deafness suffers hearing loss by birth but this condition has way more affects on the life of a child. Children with hearing loss experience disadvantages at school, higher education and later in their professional life. This hindrance can be taken care if they get these cochlear implant at right age. This awareness program will help many of the hearing impaired who may not be aware of cochlear implant technology. I am really glad to be a part of this program.”


“Every parent wants their child to grow up to their full potential. The hearing problem in children can be common. But, with cochlear implant Technologymost of these kids can hear again and grow up normally. They can start attending mainstream schools, reading and speaking like their friends, and enjoying music. These children really can experience life to its fullest. And through this information and support program, this is the first step towards their brighter and more expansive future,” said, Mr. MM Keeravani.


Cochlear implants bypass the normal acoustic hearing process, instead, they replace it with electric hearing. Namely, the sound sensation comes from the sound that is converted to electric signals which directly stimulate the auditory nerve. The brain adapts to the new mode of hearing and eventually can interpret the electric signals alike sound and speech.