Be Kind With Your Voice On the occasion of World Voice Day 16th April

Be Kind With Your Voice On the occasion of World Voice Day 16th April

The Human Voice is a unique asset and to mark this, April 16th every year is celebrated as World Voice Day, to spread awareness about the importance of the voice, prevention of voice disorders, etc.

This year the slogan for World Voice Day, is ‘Be Kind With Your Voice.’

Speaking is a dynamic phenomenon, involving retrieval of  words from the brain, and triggering the movement of vocal cords in the voice box (larynx) to generate Voice (sound).


Voice (sound) makes words and sentences audible and understandable for effective communication and to reach across certain distances. Voice is unique to every person, it gives an identity to an individual, and it helps to convey feelings and emotions. For example, a child who is excited uses a louder, high-pitched voice.


The Voice also enables us to explore the Arts, likesinging, acting, etc. For some, their Voice is a source of income like teachers, sales people, lawyers, telemarketers, receptionists, etc. Professional voice users include singers, actors, and broadcasters.


All of us speak, shout, scream, sing, cry, laugh, etc., and we all take our Voice for granted. It’s high time we realised that our Voice has certain properties and boundaries which should be consciously used within the limits of healthy and optimal Voice Components. If you don't listen to the voice of your voice and not be kind enough, then you are at risk for voice problems.  


Indicaters of an Abnormal Voice or voice problems:


•          Voice becomes hoarse or raspy

•          There is loss of ability to hit high notes when singing

•          Voice deepens

•          Throat often feels raw, achy, or strained

•          Need to exert to talk

•          Need to clear throat repeatedly


Measures to be taken to prevent Voice Problems:


•          Stay hydrated

•          Limit alcohol intake

•          Limit caffeine

•          Use a humidifier in your home especially during winter and dry weather

•          Do not smoke, and avoid second-hand smoke

•          Avoid eating spicy foods that cause acid to move into the throat

•          Eat whole grains, fruit and vegetables as they contain Vitamins A, E and C which keep the mucus membranes that line the throat healthy

•          Try not to overuse your voice. Avoid speaking or singing when your voice is hoarse or tired.

•                Consider using a microphone when appropriate. In classrooms or lecture halls, a lightweight microphone and an amplifier-speaker system can be of great help.

•         Avoid talking in noisy places. Trying to talk above noise causes strain on the voice.



Remembering Steps for Vocal Hygiene


V    Value your voice through healthy diet and lifestyle

O    Optimize your voice with vocal warm-ups before use

I      Invest in your voice with training in proper voice technique

C    Cherish your voice by avoiding voice misuse, overuse, and abuse

E    Exercise your voice to increase endurance and power