5 Summer Foods To Keep Yourself Cool From The Inside

5 Summer Foods To Keep Yourself Cool From The Inside

The summer’s back again and the searing heat will literally leave you high and dry. As heat waves do the rounds, you need to do your bit to keep the intense heat from catching you off guard.


Sure, it’s good to get some external protection by applying sunscreens, wearing hats and carrying umbrellas. 


But you know what’s better? Keeping yourself cool from the inside!


Your diet plays a significant role in keeping your body cool internally. So before you lose your cool in the unbearable summer heat, here’s a lowdown on some fresh and healthy summer foods.




Who doesn’t want a peaches and cream complexion in this dying summer heat? Peaches are excellent sources of vitamin A, beta carotene, fluoride, potassium and iron. Enough said, get into peach mode this summer!




Ever heard the saying, ‘cool as a cucumber’? 


Cucumbers are perfect cooling agents for summers. Add them to your salads or grind them to make refreshing shakes and smoothies.


A cucumber, lime and mint drink is the ultimate cure for the summer heat. Cucumbers combat heat both inside and outside. They flush out toxins, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and are perfect for diabetics.




A popular tropical fruit, the pineapple is relished by millions around the world. Not only is it as an excellent cooling agent but it’s also known to cure many lifestyle disorders like asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. It also aids in weight loss.


Savour pineapple in salads and smoothies with bananas and strawberries.


If you’re looking for something spicier, try a pineapple salsa with mangoes, red peppers and jalapenos. 


Lastly, a refreshing pineapple juice can instantly invigorate you from the inside.


Coconut Water


This tasty, low-calorie beverage works wonders and helps you steer clear of the summer scorch. It’s rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that fight ageing and cancer. It not only hydrates the body but also acts as an excellent skin toner, treating pimples and acne during the summer.




Summer is incomplete without the freshness of mint. Mint works great as an appetiser and palate cleanser, treating indigestion and reducing inflammation.


While fresh lemon and mint juice is a refreshing summer drink for, mint chutney can be used as appetisers. You can also prepare mint raita with yoghurt, coriander and chaat masala as a mouthwatering side dish.


Ready to take on the intense summer heat yet?


Mix and match these healthy summer foods and keep your summer troubles at bay.